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Variance Premiere Issue is Coming Soon!

Companion Web Site Also to be Launched this Spring

After months of preparation, the new CAS peer-reviewed journal has finally gone to press. The first issue of Variance will be mailed soon to all CAS members, subscribers and academic correspondents. The new journal will disseminate work of interest to casualty actuaries and other risk professionals worldwide. Its peer-reviewed articles will focus on original practical and theoretical research in non-life actuarial science and related areas in the science of risk.   

A hard-working and devoted team of volunteers and CAS office staff has made this first issue possible. The Publications Implementation Task Force, headed by Joanne Spalla, oversaw the implementation of the journal, including its branding and design. The name, Variance, developed with the help of a branding consultant, was formally announced at the Business Session of the 2006 Annual Meeting in San Francisco. The Variance editorial team, headed by Editor in Chief Curtis Gary Dean, has evaluated more than 45 manuscripts that have been submitted for consideration during the past year. Dean is assisted by three Associate Editors: Dale Edlefson (Copyediting), Gary Venter (Development), and Richard Fein (Peer Review). And the Variance Editorial Board, which reviews and edits papers, is made up of a large group of CAS members and nonmembers around the world.   
Variance Logo
Variance will be published semiannually to put practical and relevant research in the hands of practitioners more quickly than ever before. “We expect that [Variance] will accomplish what the Proceedings did, plus more,” commented Dean. “The average time from submission of a paper until its distribution in print will be shorter because Variance will be published more frequently and our editorial team is committed to reducing the time that it takes a paper to be reviewed and edited,” Dean said.   

“We are actively soliciting papers from authors who may not have traditionally published in CAS publications. This should bring a wider range of ideas into the journal and, hopefully, more non-CAS members will become regular readers and contributors,” said Dean. In addition to papers on applied casualty actuarial research, Variance will feature theoretical research at the frontier of casualty actuarial science. Significant survey articles or similar types of papers will also be considered for publication.   

The Variance Web Site,, which will be launched this spring , provides all the details about the journal, including guidelines for submitting papers and nonmember subscription information. Audio recordings of paper presentations will be among new features to be added in coming months.   

CAS members will automatically receive the journal as a member benefit, as will Academic Correspondents and Subscribers. Non-CAS members who wish to receive a complimentary copy of the first issue are welcome to request a copy via the Variance Web Site. The Proceedings of the Casualty Actuarial Society, published annually, will no longer contain peer-reviewed CAS research papers. The new, soft-cover Proceedings will include the content of the former Yearbook (excluding the Membership Directory).      

These changes to the CAS publication structure are based on the Report of the Task Force on Publications, whose recommendations were accepted by the CAS Board of Directors in May 2005.   

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