Future Fellows - March 2018
March 2018, Volume 24, No. 1      

TBE Online Resources

The TBE section of the CAS website, at casact. org/tbe, includes a number of resources for candidates preparing for an exam in the TBE format, including:

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sample Exam

  • Sample Solutions

  • Practice Exam Session

  • Excel Exam FAQ

  • Technical Requirements

  • Instructions for Scheduling Your Exam

  • Remote Proctoring Introductory Video

  • Exam Day Guidelines

  • Examination Instructions

Have questions about TBE? Contact us at TBE@casact.org.


Meet Jeanne Crowell, CAS VP-Admissions

The implementation of Techonology Based Exams (TBE) is fast approaching, with Exam 5 in May of 2018 to be the first CAS exam to be offered in the TBE format. We spoke to Jeanne Crowell, the new VP of Admissions, to learn more about how the process is going so far, how TBE will be used in the future, and what her goals are for her three-year position as VP.

Updates to Technology-Based Examination (TBE) FAQ

In the December 2017 issue of Future Fellows, we published an excerpt of the TBE FAQ, highlighting 20 of the most popular questions and answers. Since then, answers to two of the questions we published have been revised, so we are publishing the updated responses. The complete and most up-to-date FAQ is available in the TBE section of the CAS website. If you have a question that has not been addressed in the online FAQ, please send it to TBE@casact.org.


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