Future Fellows - June 1999
June 1999, Volume 5, No. 2      

Important Dates to Remember

Analysis Request Deadline
July 30, 1999

Spring Appeals Deadline
August 31, 1999

Fall Registration Deadline
September 15, 1999

CAS Seminars and Meetings

Seminar on Reinsurance
June 6-8, 1999
Marriott Inner Harbor
Baltimore, Maryland


Why Can't the Grades for ALL Exams Be Released at the Same Time?
By Beth Fitzgerald, FCAS, Assistant Vice Chair, CAS Examination Committee

"If all the CAS exams are given in the same week, why can't all the grades be released at the same time?"

The CAS Office releases the exam results for each individual exam as soon as they are available. This procedure is based on past input received from candidates that they prefer to get the results for an individual exam as soon as possible. The Syllabus states that "examination results are available approximately eight weeks after the examination date."

Although the process for each exam is similar, there are reasons why the results for each exam may be released at different times. This situation happened with the release of the Fall 1998 exams. The Part 4B results were released on December 16, seven weeks after the exam date. The next exam to be released was Part 5B on December 22.

Actuary Ranks No. 2

Les Krantz, author of Jobs Rated Almanac, has dropped actuary from the top position to number two in the most recent edition. Krantz ranks 250 jobs based on income, stress, physical demands, potential growth, job security, and work environment. Krantz used data collected from the U.S. Department of Labor, the census, professional organizations, and telephone surveys.

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