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2017-2018 CAS Committee Chairperson's Manual


The key to the success of the CAS lies in the effective utilization of all of its resources - officers and directors, committees and task forces, and staff. The work done by committees, all on a volunteer basis, is the lifeblood that constitutes the core of the Society's professional actuarial commitment to fulfilling its purposes. All references in this manual to committees apply to task forces and working parties as well.

This manual is designed to be a repository of information useful to a committee chairperson in effectively running a CAS committee. It should answer many questions, allowing the committee to focus attention on its mission. It also offers committee chairpersons important policy guidance in a number of areas. Although the manual provides more structure for committee operations in such areas as planning and reporting, it is not intended to significantly increase the bureaucratic load placed on committees. The CAS has always encouraged its committees to be independent and responsive to a changing environment, and this policy continues.

Appropriate updates of position descriptions were incorporated based on coordination with the respective committee chairpersons.

This manual is intended to be a living document. Please forward any suggestions you may have for changes in the manual to the CAS Membership & Volunteer Manager, who will compile them for the annual review by the Executive Council during October.

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