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“Estimating Unpaid Claims Using Basic Techniques” by Jacqueline Frank Friedland Released

06/28/2009 —

Estimating Unpaid Claims Using Basic Techniques by Jacqueline Frank Friedland
The Casualty Actuarial Society has released “Estimating Unpaid Claims Using Basic Techniques” as a comprehensive resource for practicing actuaries and actuarial candidates.Authored by Jacqueline Frank Friedland, the new text consolidates numerous papers that addressed estimating unpaid claims on the CAS basic education syllabus. As Ms. Friedland notes, “Two major benefits of one educational publication are (1) consistent definitions of terms and (2) examples that are used with multiple estimation techniques.”

The CAS Executive Council first approved “Estimating Unpaid Claims Using Basic Techniques” for use on the 2009 CAS Exam 6 syllabus.

The CAS Board of Directors initiated the project to provide a consolidated text on the topic of basic reserving and another on basic ratemaking. In October 2006, the Executive Council created the Task Force on Developing Education Material to engage consultants to prepare an entire set of materials for the ratemaking and reserving portions of current CAS Exams 5 and 6. The Board approved KPMG, LLP for the reserving text and EMB America LLC for the ratemaking text. The ratemaking text is also now available (Updated September 10, 2009).

In light of a CAS Centennial Goal that the CAS would be “recognized globally as a leading resource in educating casualty actuaries,” the text was written to be useful to general insurance actuaries internationally, and the CAS is making the publications available free of charge on its Web site.

About the Author
Ms. Friedland was the principal author at KPMG LLP with significant contributions by her KPMG colleagues Rachel Dutil and Edward Lam. Ms. Friedland has more than 25 years experience in the property and casualty industry. She is currently the Canadian Actuarial Practice Leader at KPMG. Ms. Friedland has been an active CAS volunteer for many years and is currently the chairperson of the Education Policy Committee as well as a member of the Syllabus Committee, Task Force on Technical Excellence Certificates, Task Force on Basic Education Internet Modules, and Quinquennial Membership Survey Task Force.

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