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04/16/2008 —

AN INVITATION FROM: Actuaries Without Frontiers

Actuaries Without Frontiers (“AWF”) is a section within the International Actuarial Association (IAA).

Its Mission is to make available actuarial services on a short-term basis, to assist in the development of social security, pensions, insurance, investments, or healthcare infrastructures. It focuses on countries in which there is an under-developed actuarial profession and insufficient financial resources to fund such services.

AWF is working to establish a database of volunteers for its projects as well as building an awareness of its role within the donor and the project sponsor community. As such the section is interested in hearing from actuaries from North America and invites members with an interest in this area to join the Section. Membership dues are only $20.

Your interest and support will enable AWF to undertake activities consistent with its Mission and contribute to the development of sound programs using actuarial techniques in emerging countries. And in turn, your involvement will provide wonderful opportunities for personal growth and contribution in your area of expertise.

So please join AWF.

For further information, please visit their website.

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