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US-Based Actuarial Organizations Form Profession Wide Task Force

04/25/2012 —

The Council of US Presidents (CUSP), comprised of the Presidents and Presidents-Elect of the US-Based Actuarial Organizations, has agreed to form a profession-wide task force whose charge is to:

  • Evaluate the functions carried out on behalf of the U.S.-based actuarial profession;
  • Develop fundamental principles and use them to evaluate the pros and cons of various alternative organizational structures;
  • Develop a potential roadmap to formulate or affirm the optimal structure of the U.S.-based profession in order to meet the needs of its members and the public it serves.

Members of the task force represent past and current leadership from all of the US-based actuarial organizations. In alphabetic order, they are as follows:

  • Bob Anker
    Sue Collins
    Bill Falk
    Mark Freedman
    Ken Kent
    Mary D. Miller
    Joe Nichols
    John Tierney

The task force is expected to complete its work by August 15, 2012.

It is understood that all recommendations made by this task force are not binding on any of the US based actuarial organizations and any policy decisions and actions to be taken would be left to the sole discretion and authority of the respective organizations to do as they wish.

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