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CAS to Make Fall 2011 Exam Responses Available to Identified Candidates

02/22/2012 —

The CAS has received many constructive comments and suggestions in response to my Open Letter Regarding the Fall 2011 Exams. We thank you for your interest and involvement in this process. CAS leadership will be evaluating each of these proposals in due course.

One suggestion, received from several candidates and members, was that the CAS should make candidate papers available to the candidates. The Executive Council considered this suggestion at its February 2012 meeting.

The Executive Council decided to allow candidates who failed Fall 2011 CAS Exam 6–Canada, Exam 6–U.S., or Exam 8 with a numeric score of "4" or "5" to request a copy of their original exam responses (ungraded and unscored). This change is being implemented on a test basis for these exams only at this time. The Executive Council will evaluate whether to make this change permanent at a later date, with benefit of the findings of this test.

Under current procedures, all failing candidates receive a computer-generated analysis of their exam responses. For each constructed-response test item, the candidate is informed where his/her responses fell relative to the point value for the question. This analysis, combined with the sample constructed response answers, guides the candidate in understanding which topics require further study. The Executive Council hopes that providing candidates with copies of their own responses will further assist the candidates in understanding how their responses fell short.

The Executive Council acknowledges that release of actual candidate responses could affect the appeals process. While the threshold for a valid appeal remains unchanged, (see details in the Syllabus of Basic Education), a candidate, in reviewing his or her responses, may believe that there is an alternative correct solution and wish to provide specific information on why his or her solution is correct. Therefore, coincident with its decision to make Fall 2011 exam responses available, the Executive Council decided to extend the deadline for appeals for the Fall 2011 Exam 6 – Canada, Exam 6 – U.S. and Exam 8 to April 4, or four weeks beyond the deadline for candidate requests of their papers.


Only candidates who received a numeric score of "4" or "5" may request a copy of their exam responses from the CAS Office. The request, including full name and examination number, must be made in writing and sent to or faxed to 703.276.3108 by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on March 7, 2012. Copies of the candidate responses will be scanned by the CAS Office and sent by e-mail to the candidate's e-mail address on file within two days after the request deadline.

The deadline for appeals for Fall 2011 Exam 6-Canada, Exam 6-U.S., and Exam 8 is being extended to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on April 4, 2012.





Patricia A. Teufel
President, Casualty Actuarial Society

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