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Submit Your Session Proposals by 4/22! Special Interest Seminar- In Focus: Cutting Edge Tools for Pricing and Underwriting

04/13/2011 —

Focus on Tools and Models to Optimize Pricing and Prediction Variables

CAS is pleased to announce a new two-day seminar called “Cutting Edge Tools for Pricing and Underwriting,” scheduled for October 3-4, 2011, in Baltimore, Maryland. This new seminar will appeal to actuaries at all levels of experience and will address the following areas:

  • Usage-Based Insurance
  • Demand Modeling and Price Optimization
  • Next Generation Predictors
  • Analytical Methods – Pricing or Underwriting?
  • Economic or Behavioral Considerations
  • Professional Standards

More information will be forthcoming but save the date now!

If you have ideas for sessions and wish to participate as a presenter, please respond to the Call for Presentations. Submissions are due by April 22.

Questions? Contact David Core, Director of Professional Education and Research, at

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