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Roger Hayne Presents at the CAA Annual Meeting

09/15/2010 —

Roger Hayne, CAS President, will be delivering a presentation on "Understanding Risk: How Casualty Actuaries Add Value to an Organization" on behalf of CAS at the 11th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Association of Actuaries (CAA) scheduled in Nanjing from 27-28 Sept 2010.

Note: The Annual Meeting information on the CAA Web Site is in Chinese.

The presentation is a discussion of the skills and strengths of casualty actuaries and how those skills can and have been brought to bear to add value to organizations outside of the traditional insurance roles of rates and reserves. Examples include positions of CEO, price optimization, systemic risk, reinsurance, IT, M&A, capital management, underwriting, and ERM. In each the skills needed are briefly touched upon and then a CAS member is featured as an example of an actuary working successfully in that space.

The 11th China Actuarial Annual Conference

Organizers: China Association of Actuaries (CAA)
Sponsor: Sino Life Insurance Company Ltd
Venue: Nanjing – Intercontinental
Date: 27-28 September 2010 (Monday - Tuesday)

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