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New Ethics Module Available for Insurance Professionals

02/03/2010 —

Valuable Ethics Education Available Free of Charge

To encourage the study and practice of business ethics, the American Institute for CPCU and the Insurance Institute of America have developed the “Ethical Guidelines for Insurance Professionals” learning module. Because professional ethics is fundamentally important to the long-term success of the insurance industry, the Institutes have decided to make this three- to four-hour online course available at no cost to everyone.

Designed specifically for insurance practitioners, this learning module provides an ethical framework that is reinforced with practical, insurance-based case studies. It is a reality-based, engaging approach for studying ethics, no matter what an individual’s job function or level, or years of experience. What’s more, this unique learning module can be completed in just a few hours.

Recognizing the importance of tracking enrollment and completion for compliance and legal purposes, the Institutes provide an online tool that enables key people to monitor individuals’ progress/completion in order to provide feedback to various audiences. We have also developed group discussion aids to facilitate classroom dialogue on this important topic. These materials can be downloaded from their Web site under the course "resources" tab.

CE Credit

We note that ethics is specifically identified as an example of "other professionalism topics" in the current draft Continuing Education Policy being exposed to CAS members.

Encourage Your Employees to Show Their Commitment

Whether they choose to receive CE credit or not, your employees can print out a certificate of completion after passing the 50-question online exam. We encourage them to frame this certificate and display it with pride to show clients and colleagues that your organization values ethics and professionalism.

Check Out the Course Yourself!

The Ethics on-line course consists of nine 25-30 minute modules and is followed by an optional 50 question exam. Passing the exam entitles one to a certificate of completion.

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