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Update on Future Education Methods

09/18/2009 —

As previously communicated, the comment period on the initial exposure of the FEM proposal ended on September 10th. For those members who provided comments, many thanks for your contributions. For those who have not yet submitted comments, you can still send them to The Boards of the CAS, CIA and SOA are interested in your thoughts.

In terms of next steps:

  • all three Boards are meeting in the fall and will review feedback on the proposal;
  • the FEM Steering Committee continues to meet and update the FAQs that appear on our web sites; and
  • the Joint Accreditation Committee has been fully staffed and is holding its first meeting this week in Chicago.

As information emerges from these meetings, we will develop and circulate an overview of the process for reaching a decision on the FEM proposal, along with an appropriate timeline and projected communication vehicles.

Thank you again for your interest in and engagement with this issue.

FEM Steering Committee

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