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ASTIN Volume 5, No. 2

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May 1969
Volume V, Part 2

The Journal of the ASTIN and AFIR Section of the International Actuarial Association


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Boleslaw Monic

Méthodes et Moyens pour calculer la valeur numérique des opérations actuarielles généralisées
par Ed. Franckx, Bruxelles

Astin Colloquium 1966 Arnhem

Experience rating and credibility
by Hans Bühlmann, Zurich

Subject three

Introductory report
by Drs. J. H. C. Jansen, Amsterdam

Technical reserves in non life insurance with particular reference to motor insurance
by R. E. Beard, London

Sur la détermination de la réserve pour sinistres en suspens dans l'assurance automobile
par Luigi Molinaro, Rome

Estimating incurred claims
by V. Benedikt, Gothenburg

Approximations of the generalised Poisson function
by Lauri Kauppi and Pertin Ojantakanen, Helsinki

Procedures and basic statistics to be used in magnitude control of equalisation reserves in Finland
by Esa Hovinen, Helsinki

Estimation of the coefficient of variation of the excess of loss by means of Jensen's inequality for convex functions. The Connection with the theory of life times
by J. van Klinken and C. J. Groenenberg, Amsterdam

On a class of measures of dispersion with application to optimal reinsurance
by Jan Ohlin, Stockholm

Methods of studying the risk process in disability insurance
by Ove Lundberg, Stockholm

"Estimating incurred claims" by V. Benedikt, Gothenburg
Discussion by Herbert L. Feay, New York

The rescue of an insurance company after ruin
by Karl Borch, Bergen

The optimal reinsurance treaty
by Karl Borch, Bergen

Comments on different deductions of expressions for conditional expectations
by Carl Philipson, Stockholm

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