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ASTIN Volume 5, No 1

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May 1968
Volume V, Part I

The Journal of the ASTIN and AFIR Section of the International Actuarial Association


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Nécrologie Pierre Depoid

Obtuary Boleslaw Monic

Notes by Chairman

Astin Colloquium 1966 Arnhem
Subject one

Experience rating and credibility
by T. C. Braakman, Den Haag

La théorie du comportement et la credibility theory américaine
par E. Franckx, Bruxelles

The unearned no claim bonus
by C. P. Welten, Amsterdam

A practical application of credibility to experience rating plans for hospitalization and medical-surgical insurance
by Mark Kormes, New York

On automobile insurance ratemaking
by Jan Jung, Stockholm

Astin Colloquium 1966 Arnhem
Subject two

Applications of methods of operations research and modern economic theory
by J. van Klinken, Amsterdam

Driving with Markov-programming
by G. de Leve and P. J. Weeda, Amsterdam

Utilisation pratique de la méthode de simulation dans l'assurance, "non life"
par D'Hooge, Franckx et Gennart, Bruxelles

Dynamic decision problems in an insurance company
by Karl Borch, Bergen


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