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ASTIN Volume 4, No 3

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July 1967
Volume IV, Part III

The Journal of the ASTIN and AFIR Section of the International Actuarial Association


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In Memoriam Frederik Esscher

Notes by Chairman

Astin Colloquium 1965 Lucerne
Subject two

Experience rating and credibility
by Hans Bühlmann, Zürich

Experience rating when the company aims to increase the volume of its business
by Herald Bohman, Stockholm

Experience rating in subsets of risks
by Fritz Bichsel, Berne

Astin colloquium 1965 Lurcerne
Subject three

Controle des operations d'assurance dans les branches nonvie
par F. Bichsel, Berne

On the solvency of insurance companies
by T. Pentikäinen, Helsinki

Magnitude control of technical reserves in Finland
by Erkki Pesonen, Helsinki

The economic theory of insurance
by Karl Borch, Bergen

Markov chains and the determination of fair premiums
by Stefan Vajda, Birmingham


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