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The Links database contains hyperlinks to Web sites of interest to actuaries. Users can search for sites based on keyword in the title or site description. Users can also search for sites based on broad category by using the drop down menu. Simply specify your search criteria and click "Search". To get a list of all Web sites in the database, click "Search" without specifying any criteria.

Users are encouraged to submit new sites for inclusion in the database. New links will be added to the Links Database upon approval by the Webmaster. Send questions and comments about the Links Database to the Webmaster.

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Can't find what you're looking for?

Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If we still haven't answered your question, please feel free to contact us.

Need help navigating the web or finding information? See our Help section for further information.

How do I register for a CAS Event or Seminar?

Registration for CAS events or seminars can be accessed through either the online store or the professional education calendar, where links are available to the individual event. To register for an event you will need a CAS login. If you do not have one please fill out a new visitor registration to obtain one.

How do I post an open job listing?

The CAS transitioned to a new Career Center in early 2015. This replaces the previous Career Center on the CAS website.

How do I register for an exam?

Before registering online for the first time for CAS-specific Exams LC, ST, S and 5-9 and CERA ST-9, a candidate must submit an Electronic Signature Authorization Form to the CAS Office. Please note that signed forms can be sent to the CAS Office by mail or courier, by fax (703-276-3108), or by e-mail ( As with members, students will use their current e-mail address as their new login. To register online for the ST9 Exam through the CAS website, you will need an ESAF even if you are already an ACAS or FCAS.

Registration Forms as well as the online registration link for exams is available at If you are registering via fax or mail please fill out and sign the printable registration form and send it via either fax 703-276-3108 or mail - Casualty Actuarial Society 4350 N Fairfax Dr. Suite 250 Arlington, VA 22203. Please email the CAS Office if you would like to verify that your registration has been received.

  • If you registered for an exam online you will receive an email from the system confirming your registration, followed later by a confirmation letter containing exam day information.
  • If you registered using a printable form you will receive a confirmation letter containing exam day information after your registration is received.

How do I access my candidate number?

To find your candidate number, login to My Profile. Click on My Profile to bring up the drop-down menu and select My Exams. If you are registered for an exam for the current sitting, your candidate number and confirmation letter will be available on this page. Confirmation Letters and candidate numbers will also be mailed within three weeks of the date that the application form was received at the CAS Office beginning in early February for April Examinations and early August for October Examinations.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions