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Ratemaking and Product Management (RPM) Seminar - Keynote Speaker

Ratemaking and Product Management (RPM) Seminar
March 11–13, 2013

Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa
Huntington Beach, Ca

Keynote Speakers

Tuesday Keynote Address

Roger Craig

Roger Craig, CEO and Cofounder of Cotinga LLC

CEO and Cofounder of Cotinga LLC

Craig will provide a first-hand account of how predictive analytics techniques were applied to the problem of learning to help prepare for Jeopardy! - the television quiz show. Data analyses of both the problem domain, Jeopardy!, and sampling of the user's strengths & weaknesses were used to develop a plan for success. Craig's system allowed him to increase his proficiency on the material dramatically and subsequently set many records on the show. Other users have also won multiple games after using his software. Comparisons to purely automated predictive analytics systems, such as IBM's Watson project, will also be presented. Chiefly, the difference between 100% AI solutions and talent analytics solutions which augment human capital with insights gleaned from predictive analytics & machine learning techniques. Anyone interested in the application of data analysis towards self improvement, learning and education will find this talk of interest.

Roger Craig is the CEO and cofounder of Cotinga LLC, a predictive analytics consulting firm. Based in New York City, he has eight years of experience applying predictive analytics methods to problems in academia, government, and industry. He has designed and developed applications in the fields of bioinformatics, text analytics, CRM, and search engine marketing. In 2010 and 2011, he appeared on eleven episodes of the quiz show Jeopardy! where he set several records and became the fourth highest winning contestant in the show's history. Text mining and predictive analytics were instrumental in his record breaking success.

Wednesday Keynote Address

Nick Meaney

Nick Meaney, Managing Director/CEO, Epagogix Ltd, London UK

Managing Director/CEO, Epagogix Ltd, London UK

"When Number Crunching met the Creative Industry�

Nick Meaney, founding CEO of Epagogix Ltd tells the story of how this small British company developed from a risk management background to become a noted advisor to the Hollywood film industry. Epagogix combines expert process with bespoke neural-network technology and provides both quantitative and qualitative information.


Based on needs identified and tools discovered during his period in Risk Management in the City of London, Nick founded a unique consulting company, combining innovative risk management techniques, finance and Artificial Intelligence with Expert Process. Working with Hollywood studio clients and financiers to identify and enhance commercial prospects of movie projects.

According to Malcolm Gladwell, industry experts, and experience to date, Epagogix's evidenced and data-led approach has the potential – demonstrated in part already – to fundamentally change many aspects of the creative and commercial process of major studio movie making. Epagogix helps Hollywood studios' independent producers and film financiers to allocate their capital optimally, and determine which projects to make, which to drop, and how to enhance the Box Office value of films which are produced.

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