Casualty Actuarial Society

Limited Attendance Seminar - 2018


July 24 - 27
AUSA Conference Center
2425 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22201

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This is a four day-long course that will give the attendee an introduction to R, but with the objective of preparing attendees to be able to apply what they've learned upon completion of the course. To that end, the focus is on direct, interactive content delivery.

Attendance is limited to 26 participants.

Attendees are expected to have installed current versions of R and RStudio before arrival. Further, students should have sufficient rights that they are able to install R packages from CRAN. Instructions to test attendees setup will be provided. In order to ensure that all attendees are given sufficient instruction, instructors CANNOT guarantee that they will have capacity to provide technical support for unique laptop configurations.


Attendees will leave the course with a working knowledge of R, having applied it in a realistic setting. More specifically, participants will exit the course having mastered the following:

  • Read data into the R environment from a variety of sources
  • Visualize data and use this as the basis of selecting a model
  • Fit several different models to a set of data, assess the quality of fit and choose between competing models
  • Manipulate data so that it may be modeled, or otherwise communicated
  • Use the "actuar" and "ChainLadder" packages, which are designed for actuarial applications


The CAS RBootcamp will provide general instruction in a classroom environment on how to use R. The bootcamp will also provide capstone projects in two different actuarial areas for applying classroom learning objectives. Attendees will share project outcomes with the whole group on the last day using tools available in the broader “R Environment.” Attendees must choose their preferred topic during the registration process.


Bootcamp attendees who sign up for this track will be given datasets representing premium and claims for a product line. The project will be to use R to analyze the data for trends and anomalies and identify and fit a model to the data that distinguishes between predictive characteristics. Track attendees will prepare disruption analyses, profitability projections, and other management information to communicate the effect of the new model on the portfolio.


Attendees who sign up for this track will be given a dataset that contains loss triangles for several different lines of business in several different territories. Participants will conduct a reserve study using standard techniques like chain ladder as well as less common methods like the Clark growth curve model and hierarchical regression.


  • Install R, RStudio
  • Read the raw book
  • A few basic exercises

Day 1: Getting comfortable with the environment, preliminary programming

  • AM
  • Advanced Environment, RStudio setup
  • Basics review and more
    • Saving and sourcing scripts
    • Installing and using packages
    • Data structures
      • Vectors, lists
      • Working with data frames
    • Reading/writing data
      • Reading to/from CSV, hadley's readr and readxl packages
      • Reading to/from sqlite with RODBC or DBI
    • Basic data analysis in R
      • Linear regression
      • Fit a distribution
      • Histograms/kernel density plots
    • Basic visualization
  • PM
    • AM review
    • Advanced visualization with ggplot2
    • Introduction to capstone projects
    • Overview of online resources: StackOverflow, r-bloggers


Day 2: RMarkdown, dplyr and loss reserving

  • AM
    • Day 1 review/questions
    • Augment R scripts with RMarkdown
    • dplyr to select, summarize and transform data
  • PM
    • Begin capstone work

Day 3: GLMs and advanced models

  • AM
    • Day 2 review/questions
    • GLMs
    • Decision trees
  • PM
    • Assisted work on capstone

Day 4: Further practice, capstone

  • AM
    • Complete capstone
    • Generate actuarial report document in Word or PDF (or HTML)
  • PM
    • Complete actuarial report
    • Present to larger group
    • (if time) Sample presentations from other R groups around the country


Brian Fannin is the Research Actuary at the CAS. Brian has held a number of positions at both primary and excess insurance companies, both in the US and overseas. He is the chair of the CAS open source software committee, with a focus on R. His principle areas of research are in stochastic reserving, predictive modelling and visualization of data. Brian believes that objective analysis of data will lead to the delivery of social justice.

Adam L. Rich is a Pricing Actuary at Beazley Group in Farmington, CT and directs the Specialty Lines Analytics group. Adam has been programming computers for over twenty years and has been using and promoting the use of R for the past six.


When registering for this event online, please select your reg type to see the event fees available.

Note: Registration form is best viewed in Internet Explorer.


Print Registration is also available for download.

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Registrations fees will be refunded for cancellations received in writing at the CAS Office via fax, 703-276-3108, or email,, by July 10, 2018 less a $100 processing fee.


This event is not located at a hotel, so attendees will need to make their own hotel reservations. Nearby hotels include:

Residence Inn by Marriott Arlington Courthouse
Address: 1401 N Adams St, Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: (703) 312-2100

Hilton Garden Inn Arlington/Courthouse Plaza
Address: 1333 N Courthouse Rd, Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: (703) 528-4444

Clarion Collection Hotel Arlington Court Suites
Address: 1200 N Courthouse Rd, Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: (703) 524-4000


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