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Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations

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According to meeting evaluations, attendees at CAS meetings desire more engaging, informative and immediately applicable session content. While they may be used to comprehensive lectures on complex topics, research shows that listening to lectures is not an effective and lasting way to learn. We know most speakers work hard to make their presentations informative. If you desire to write a proposal in response to this call, we challenge you and every other speaker to embrace continuous improvement so CAS seminar attendees get the best education.

We want to provide seminar participants with the best learning environment possible. As a result, the seminar Planning Committee has revamped the approach to identifying educational opportunities for the 2018 CLRS. Based on past conference evaluations as well as on trends and practices in effective learning, the 2018 Call for Presentations has a very different structure and the proposal submission process differs significantly from previous years.

The 2018 proposal reviewers will pay particular attention to how proposals connect with specific audience groups attending the conference. Proposals must demonstrate the use of effective adult learning principles and practices to ensure value for participants. Guidelines for how to do this are included in this Call for Presentations.

Proposals most likely to be successful are those that are informative and relevant, with clear and immediate application to the work of audience participants. Strong proposals will focus tightly on specific content rather than including every aspect of the topic, and will include opportunities for learner engagement.

In other words, we are looking for sessions that focus more deeply on a narrow topic that will help the audience leave the session with solid understanding and useful applications. We know that’s your goal as well, and are providing specific, research-based guidelines you can follow to ensure your session will be exactly what participants are looking for!

It is highly recommended that you read this entire online Call for Presentations, including the Guidelines for Proposal Writers, Submission Requirements, and CAS Meeting Policies before choosing your topic and writing your proposal. Conference expectations, learning focus, and proposal guidelines have all changed to support the new approach to conference learning.

You won’t have to do it on your own. We will be offering a speaker-focused webinar and other resources, including staff support, to all speakers selected for the seminar. We want to help you succeed!

Your Commitment to Speak

If your proposal is selected for presentation in 2018, you will be joining a dedicated group of professionals who have substantial expertise and experience to share with conference participants. Please secure the support of your employer in advance and plan your schedule to manage the time and work involved in developing your session or workshop, using the new submission expectations outlined in the Guidelines for Proposal Writers to guarantee your successful participation in the conference. You will need to submit session materials to CAS by the announced deadline to continue being included in the program.

Submission Deadlines

All proposals for concurrent sessions and workshops are due by:

March 9, 2018
Call for Presentation Proposals will be accepted only through the online mechanism. Proposals will not be accepted in any other manner.

Proposals cannot be accepted after the deadlines.

Other Important Dates

Status notification for session and workshop proposals: End of March
Deadline for changes to accepted session/workshop proposals: May 11, 2018

CLRS September 5-7, 2018
Anaheim Marriott, Anaheim, CA

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