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The CAS Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is pleased to offer two online courses in partnership with the American Chemical Society (ACS): Running Productive Meetings and Managing Projects Effectively. Representatives of the LDC evaluated both of these courses and found them relevant to CAS volunteer leadership roles as well as their work on the job

CAS and You: A Resource for CAS Leaders

Do you think a CAS leadership position may be in your future? Are you a Chair or Vice-Chair of a CAS Committee or Task Force? At the 2010 CAS spring meeting Joanne Spalla, Pat Teufel, and John Kollar explained the vital role that Chairs play in accomplishing the CAS’s operational and strategic objectives. You will learn where your role fits in the CAS governance structure and the secrets of getting things accomplished within the CAS.

CAS and You: Overview & Opportunities for New Members

You know the CAS as the organization that has provided your development and learning opportunities through the examination process. Do you know the mission of the CAS, its history or governance structure? Are you familiar with the member services available from the CAS? At the 2011 CAS Spring Meeting Joanne Spalla and Pat Teufel provided this information and more. Here you will find information about the additional personal development and enrichment available through the CAS volunteer opportunities.

The Inventory of Knowledge and Skills Expectations

The Inventory of Knowledge and Skills Expectations was developed by the CAS Leadership Development Committee to tell you what it takes to be a CAS leader. The Inventory summarizes the characteristics that have been observed in successful CAS leaders, providing members a roadmap for volunteer development. This allows current volunteers to assess strengths and weaknesses critical to professional development and to the CAS.

The 2014-2015 Chairperson’s Manual

The Chairperson’s Manual is a repository of information useful to a committee chairperson in running a CAS committee successfully. Each Committee’s Chair description contains boilerplate CAS policies across committees, as well as committee specific information in regard to each individual committee’s charge and goals.

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Posted on 09/30/2015
By Nora Potter

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