Casualty Actuarial Society


Services Provided by the CAS

The CAS provides a variety of services to Regional Affiliates and Special Interest Sections. Following is a list of the more common services. Please contact the Matt Caruso, Membership and Volunteer Manager, directly for any of the listed services.

  • E-mail lists.
  • Mailing notices of meetings.
  • Creating Regional Affiliate web pages.
  • Listing news, activities, minutes of meetings, officers, contacts on the CAS web site.
  • Listing continuing education opportunities offered by Regional Affiliates on the web site.
  • Providing meeting planning and online registration assistance.
  • The Committee on General Business Skills Education will work with Regional Affiliates to develop options Regional Affiliates can use to offer General Business Skills Education.
  • A number of other organizations may be willing to offer joint meetings or provide comments about speakers and topics. To see a list of organizations, go to the links section.

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The CAS Roundtable

Posted on 05/11/2018
By Brian Fannin

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