Casualty Actuarial Society

2018 Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar


Workshop 1: Reserving Bootcamp

What better way to jump start or refresh your loss reserving skills than in this one day loss reserving boot camp. It will enhance your basic and intermediate skills and prepare you for the more advanced loss reserving topics to be presented in the Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar. Participants will be part of a loss reserving team evaluating and estimating reserves from data organization to selecting the best estimate. Complete with hands on learning, groups will be divided into small teams of five to seven professionals who will work with experienced loss reserving professionals, using realistic loss and expense claims data to: build triangles, compute and select loss development factors, perform a variety of loss and loss adjustment expense reserving methods, compare the results of various methods and their strengths and weaknesses, review additional information and take that into consideration in the methods and estimates, make final reserve selections, compare and discuss differences among teams.

This workshop is appropriate for Actuaries as well as Non-Actuaries. A laptop with wifi capabilities will be required.

Workshop 2: Maximizing the Value of Your Actuarial Opinion and Reports

Your actuarial opinion and reports are reviewed and analyzed by several people, a number of whom are not actuaries.  These people include company management, auditors, regulators and in court trials.  This workshop will guide you in how to effectively communicate in the language that non-actuaries can understand and how to interact with them.

Each group has different needs for information.  Some only want bottom-line numbers, others want to know how you derived your numbers, and some may want to know if you verified your work.  The workshop facilitators include a regulator, an actuary who conducts audits, an actuary who testifies in court, an actuary who is a CEO and an actuary who writes opinions on offshore companies that are not subject to NAIC regulations.  There will also be a COPLFR representative as well.

Workshop 3: Intermediate R

This workshop in intended for individuals that already have a familiarity with R. Participants should also already have conducted several data analyses in R.

The Workshop Syllabus will include the following:

  • Functions including the use of anonymous functions with *apply or purr::map functions.
  • Package development using the roxygen2 package
  • Data access and Data Munging
  • Reporting via RMarkdown and Sweave
  • htmlwidgets
  • Version control using git