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Admissions Department Recruiting Pre-Testers

We are looking for Pre-Testers to assist with CAS Exams 5, 7, and 9!

The Exam 5, 7, and 9 working groups are looking for Pre-testers to volunteer for review of Spring Exams. A Pre-Tester is someone who has passed the exam they are volunteering for within the past 5 years, should have an understanding of all covered topics for the exam, and is an FCAS. There is no pass score requirement to be a pre-tester.  Anyone who passed, whether it was with a score of 6 or 10 can be a pre-tester.

Exam 5 (Basic Ratemaking and Estimated Claims Liabilities)

Exam 5 is looking for 2-3 Pre-testers. Work is expected to start late-January into early-February, with a Pass Mark Panel meeting (in-person, location TBD, virtual attendance is an option) for 1.5 days in early-mid February.

Exam 7 (Advance Estimation of Claims Liabilities)

The Exam 7 working group is looking for 2-3 pre-testers to help out at the end of January/first week of February. Pre-testing will be virtual, take place over the course of 3 days, and includes a 2-hour meeting each day.

Exam 9 (Financial Risk and Rate of Return)

Exam 9 needs 4-6 pre-testers to review sections that were found on prior versions of exams 7, 8, and 9 and are now found on the new Exam 9.

  1. Catastrophe and Reinsurance (from old exam 8)
  2. Risk and Return (from exam 9)
  3. Financial Risk Management (FRM) (from exam 9)
  4. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) (from old exam 7)

If you would like to be a pre-tester for multiple sections, that’s fine as long as you have recently passed the required exams. The timeline for pre-testing exam 9 is mid-January-early February.

If you fit the parameters for qualification and would like to become a Pre-Tester for exam 5, 7, or 9, please email admissions-volunteer@casact.org and indicate which exam you’re interested in.