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  • Committee on Ratemaking
    • The Committee on Ratemaking addresses actuarial issues of property and casualty insurance ratemaking including risk classification. The committee's charge includes furthering the development and dissemination of ratemaking theory and principles; identifying topics for research and discussion; monitoring professional developments and regulatory activities; and sponsoring panels, seminars, and other public forums on ratemaking issues.
  • Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar Planning
    • The Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar Planning Committee is responsible for developing a program for the annual Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar.
  • Interested in volunteering? Please contact Karen Sonnet vis email at


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  1. An Insurance Perspective on U.S. Grid Disruption Costs
    Large yet infrequent disruptions of electrical power can impact tens of millions of people in a single event, triggering significant economic damages, portions of which are insured. Small and frequent events are also significant in the aggregate. …
  2. Introduction to Bayesian Loss Development
    This paper provides an introduction to the use of Bayesian methods for blending prior information with a loss development pattern from a triangle. The methods build upon conjugate forms discussed in earlier literature but introduce the Generalized …
  3. A Survey of Approaches to a Changepoint Problem in an Actuarial Context
    A representative data set is used to provide an example comparing classical and Bayesian approaches to making inferences about the point in a sequence of random variables at which the underlying distribution may shift. Inferences about the …
  4. The Recent Review and Changes to the National Council on Compensation Insurance’s Individual Risk Experience Rating Plan
    NCCI recently completed an extended review of its Experience Rating (ER) Plan. Although no major changes had been made for many years, testing indicated that ER Plan performance was still generally good. The primary cause of deteriorating …
  5. Generalized Linear Models for Insurance Rating
    Generalized linear models have been in use for over thirty years, and there is no shortage of textbooks and scholarly articles on their underlying theory and application in solving any number of useful problems. Actuaries have for many years used …

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Current Actuarial Review (Vol. 42, No.2, March – April 2015)

  • The CAS: A Global Organization
  • What a Difference 40 Years Make
  • Editor's Note: A Theme Emerges



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Posted on 09/21/2016
By Robert Walling

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