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The CAS is transitioning its exams to a computer-based environment, called Technology-Based Examination (TBE). Candidates will use Excel 2016 within a virtual environment to take their exams on their own computers overseen by remote proctors. Exam 5 is the first exam to transition, with the first administration conducted in spring 2018.

The 2018 syllabus for Exam 5 is very similar to the 2017 syllabus, with the same learning objectives and readings. Therefore, the information available in prior Examiner's Reports is still relevant, and the CAS strongly encourages candidates to include this information in their study plans.

The CAS offers a number of tools to help candidates prepare for the new Excel exam environment. The materials are intended to aid candidates in understanding how the CAS will transition questions from a paper and pencil environment to the TBE environment as well as to provide guidance on how candidates can show their work in a TBE environment.

  • The Sample Exam (Spring 2016 Exam 5) (Updated April 12, 2018) file allows candidates to experience the new Excel exam format. The Sample Exam is based on the Exam 5 that was administered in Spring 2016. This file is available to download free of charge and can be accessed using Excel 2007 version or later.
  • The Sample Solutions (Spring 2016 Exam 5) (Updated April 12, 2018) file includes sample solutions based on the Examiner's Report for the Exam 5 that was administered in Spring 2016. This file offers guidance regarding how questions can be answered in the Excel format. This file is available to download free of charge and can be accessed using Excel 2007 version or later.
  • The Excel Exam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Updated April 12, 2018) offers guidance for taking an exam in the Excel format.
  • The TBE Examination Instructions offers instructions related to the virtual environment, the format of the exam within Excel and answering exam questions.
  • The CAS TBE Practice Exam Session is available for candidates who would like to experience the virtual Excel 2016 testing environment prior to the actual exam sitting. The Practice Exam Session is a 5-hour session in which candidates can work on the spring 2016 Exam 5 sample exam in the Technology-Based Examination (TBE) virtual desktop. The session does not include a remote proctor.

Completion of the Practice Exam Session is not required, however, candidates may find it useful in becoming familiar with Excel 2016, if they don't have access to it elsewhere, and to experience the TBE virtual environment before exam day. Access to the Practice Exam Session is not a substitute for the PSI computer compatibility check, which will allow candidates to ensure they can access the remotely-proctored exam through PSI, the remote proctoring vendor.

Candidates wishing to take the Practice Exam Session will register for it through TrueAbility for a fee of $40 and will schedule a date to be granted access for a five-hour session, which will not be proctored or graded. Any changes to the Excel file made during the Practice Exam Session, including answers typed into the question sheets, will not be available after the session ends. Candidates who wish to access the Practice Exam Session more than once can do so by registering and paying the fee more than once.

Candidates must have a reliable internet connection, use a Chrome browser and go through a compatibility review with our practice exam vendor, TrueAbility. The Practice Exam Session compatibility check will differ from the compatibility check candidates will use for exam day with PSI. The practice exam session requires candidates to have access to ports 80 and 443 and to successfully resolve the IP addresses for * and * in order to successfully connect to the exam environment. Please note that the practice exam session will not have the additional security features involved with remote proctoring. Practice Exam Session users will be able to use browsers and other programs on their computer that will not be available on exam day.

Additional information about TBE can be found on the TBE webpage. If you have additional questions, please send an email to

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