June 1999 For the Candidates of the Casualty Actuarial Society Volume 5, No. 2

Student Liaison Committee:
Patrick K. Devlin, FCAS

Steven D. Armstrong, FCAS
Jeffrey Eddinger, FCAS
Carleton R. Grose, FCAS
Richard W. Lo, FCAS
Ronald D. Pridgeon, FCAS
Jeffrey W. Schmidt, FCAS
William R. Wilkins, FCAS

Candidate Editorial Advisors:
Laura A. Maxwell

Manager, Admissions:
J. Thomas Downey

CAS Examinations Coordinator:
Anne Carlisle

CAS Publications Production Editor:
Elizabeth Smith
Why Can't the Grades for ALL Exams Be Released at the Same Time?

Important Dates to Remember...

Actuary Ranks No. 2

News from the CAS Regional Affiliates

Update on E-mail Study Groups

Study Aids & Seminars

Task Force Continues Work

Tell Your Story

1999 Syllabus Update

CAS Examination Schedule Fall 1999

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