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Steve Lowe

Steve Lowe, CAS President

On behalf of the CAS I am pleased to welcome you to our website. Please use this site as your source of information about the casualty actuarial field, membership in our association, and the property casualty insurance industry. If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact our office at:

The actuarial profession is growing steadily, as is our association. In 1914 the Casualty Actuarial and Statistical Society of America was founded with 97 charter members. Currently, we serve over 7,587 members across the world.

With growth comes change. As we celebrate our Centennial and look ahead to the future, there are three major themes emerging in the profession that will be our primary focus over the next year:

  • Professional Education. With the new CAS Continuing Education Policy taking effect in 2012, the CAS will be increasing our focus on providing a wide variety of educational opportunities for our members beyond the preliminary certification exam process. In addition to the many traditional seminars and meetings we offer, members can now also gain valuable educational experiences through University of CAS, online courses, webinars, and by reading our new journal - Variance.
  • Enterprise Risk Management. Because ERM is far reaching and encompasses all types of organizations around the globe, ERM is truly everyone's business. The CAS is delighted to join the global actuarial community in supporting the Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA) designation. CERA is a global risk management credential that will help address the urgent need for highly-qualified risk professionals globally, especially in the financial sector. The CAS’s ERM Vision expresses the goal of CAS members providing ERM services and acquiring the skills and techniques necessary to serve in leading ERM roles, and awarding the CERA designation will help the CAS achieve that vision. We hope to begin awarding the credential in 2011. In addition, we will continue working with organizations such as the Joint Risk Management Section and the ERM Institute International in our effort to educate our members, both current and future, on their potential roles in the field of ERM.
  • International Opportunities. The international actuarial landscape is complex because of the vast array of organizations and many roles that actuaries can play. By engaging an international audience, we gain the opportunity to participate in a number of global activities that could benefit our current and future members. This year, we will continue working with other international actuarial organizations to advance issues of mutual interest especially in the field of property/casualty or general insurance as it is known more globally.

There are many other exciting changes and issues facing the actuarial profession and our members. The CAS will do its best to address them as they relate to property/casualty applications. Please use our well renowned website as your source for information about this important field and all of our activities as a professional society, such as continuing education initiatives, meetings and seminars, research and publications.

Once again, welcome to our website, and visit often.

Cynthia R. Ziegler, CPCU, ARM, AAI, CAE
Executive Director

Cynthia R. Ziegler

Greetings! Whether you are a:

  • CAS member conducting research,
  • Candidate taking exams,
  • Professor teaching actuarial science,
  • Student interested in a career as an actuary,
  • Reporter seeking an actuarial perspective for a story, or
  • Non-actuarial insurance industry professional,

you will find information of interest to you on our Web site. We are here to help and have provided a wealth of material, such as

I hope that you spend ample time on the CAS Web Site and take advantage of all that it has to offer. We welcome your ideas for improving the Web Site and your suggestions for additional material that should be available here.

A strong and healthy organization is one that involves the membership, and if you are a CAS member and are not currently volunteering for the Society, I encourage you to get involved with a CAS committee or task force. Please contact us to learn about volunteer opportunities.

I also invite you to visit the CAS Office in Arlington, Virginia, which is just a short subway or cab ride outside of Washington, D.C. We are located in beautiful office space just a block away from the Ballston Metro station. The Office is also close to many other amenities, making it the ideal location to hold committee and task force meetings or conduct other CAS business. Or simply feel free to stop by and visit - no appointment is necessary!

Once again, welcome! If you do not find what you are looking for and think we can be of service to you, do not hesitate to contact us at 703-276-3100 or