Casualty Actuarial Society

CAS Spring Meeting

2016 CAS Spring Meeting
Seattle, Washington
May 15-18, 2016

Tentative Concurrent Sessions

The CAS may send a survey to all registered attendees asking them to pre-select the concurrent sessions they plan to attend to assist us in scheduling them. We realize that conflicts may occur; you will not be required to attend these sessions at the seminar. The list of sessions here is subject to change.

Actuarial Involvement in Pricing Program Business and the Managing General Agent Market
Actuaries at Small Companies
The Biggest Problem with Your Pricing Model is Your Reserving Model
China's P&C Insurance Primary Market and Regulation
China's P&C Market - Reinsurance and Foreign Companies' Role
The Direction of Health Care Reform
Disruptive Forces Facing The Insurance industry
Estimating the Distribution in the Tail
Fair Valuation of Insurance-Linked Securities and Fully Collateralized Reinsurance
High Inflation Reserving - Comparing and contrasting California Workers Comp and Argentina Auto
Integrating Enterprise Risk Management for Maximum Return on Investment
Interaction among Actuaries, Predictive Modelers and Underwriters
Play It Clean: Handling Manipulation at the Workplace
Predictive Modeling: Tips for Data Scientists and Actuaries and How to Implement a Predictive Model
Presenting Your Data Graphically
Private Reinsurance/Insurance Entering Public Marketplace
Purple Haze: Impact of Marijuana Legalization
Recognizing Trends and Managing Risk in Tomorrow's Insurance Market
Research: The Low Interest Rate Environment & Affordable Care Act Impacts on WC and Auto
Reserving Actuary vs. Pricing Actuary: How Different Views Can Spell Trouble
Risk of Material Adverse Deviation (RMAD) Disclosures in the Statement of Actuarial
Opinion: An Analysis of the Evidence
The Role of the CAS Staff Actuary
Strategies to Manage Reputational and Conduct Risk Around the World
Surprise, Surprise - The Next "Big One" Might Just Be a Casualty Catastrophe!
Sustainable ERM for Sustainable Business
An Update from Admissions
Using Actuarial Methods to Minimize Chronic Disease
Washington Rate Filings: From Initial Filing Submission to Approval
Weaving ERM into Operations
Why Johnny Doesn't Listen: How Learning Style Influences Productivity