Casualty Actuarial Society

2017 Spring Meeting

Concurrent Sessions

The CAS may send a survey to all registered attendees asking them to pre-select the concurrent sessions they plan to attend to assist us in scheduling them. We realize that conflicts may occur; you will not be required to attend these sessions at the seminar.

The list of sessions here is subject to change.

Actuarial Perspectives in the Era of Social Consciousness
The Affordability Paradigm
Career Advancement
Claims Level Analytics
Data and Cyber Security: Legal and Regulatory Developments
Data Visualization
Focus on New Fellows: Volunteering, Millennials and the Growing CAS
GLM: A Deep Dive of Frequency-Severity vs. Pure Premium Approach
How Do Sustainability Practices Impact P&C Insurance
How to Use New/External data
Improving Actuarial Reserve Analyses through Claim-Level Predictive Analytics
Incorporating Spatial Dependence and Climate Change Trends for Measuring Long-Term Temperature Derivative Risk
Insurance Premium Calculation Using Credibility Analysis: An Example from Livestock Mortality Insurance
Lights! Camera! Professionalism!
Mergers & Acquisitions
Overview and Practical Application of Machine Learning Methods in Pricing
Philanthropic/Micro Insurance
The Predictive Modeling Context with Minimum Bias, GLMs, and Credibility
Presenting to Non Actuaries
The Risk Impact of the Internet of Things
An Update on Admissions
Wellness Data - The Next UBI?
What Actuaries Should Know About Nonparametric Regression with Missing Data
What's New in Workers' Compensation?
Who Wants to Be an Actuary?