Casualty Actuarial Society

2018 Ratemaking, Product and Modeling (RPM) Seminar & Workshops

Concurrent Sessions

The following is a preliminary list of unique sessions that will be offered at the seminar. The seminar will host sessions that provide various practical applications and insights across a broad spectrum of industry disciplines.

Innovation/Emerging Trends
Emerging Issues — Utopia or Dystopia?
Actionable Insights: How to Make Actuarial Research Come to Life
Evolution in Business Models for Insurance
Microinsurance — Applications and Innovations
Demystifying Cyber Risk Modeling
US Flood Insurance: How Modeling and Recent Events are Transforming NFIP and the Market

Sparsity Blues: How to Improve Your Predictive Model with Categorical Data
And the Winner Is: How to Pick a Better Model
Data Visualizations of Auto Crashes
GLM - III — The Matrix Reloaded
Predictive Analytics in Strategy and Decisions - A Tour around the Globe
Neural Networks – Could We Actually File One?
Ensembles and Combining Models
Underwriting Profit and Contingencies Loading
Getting to Impact from Predictive Modeling and Analytics
Using Predictive Analytics to Decompose Workers Compensation Loss Triangle Anomalies
How Much of an Impact Does Your Loss Assumptions Have on Your Predictive Models?

Product Management
Demystifying the Automaker Threat to the Insurance
Behavioral Telematics — The Missing Link to Better Risk Assessment
The Transition to Autonomous
Data Driven Opportunities in the Smart Home and Implications for Insurers
The Impact of Automation on The Insurance Business
Customer Centric Pricing in Practice

Workers Compensation — State of the Market
The Evolution of Classification Rating
Commercial Auto: Reading the Terrain
Loss Sensitive Large Accounts Pricing: Approaches and Challenges
Cluster Analysis in Loss Reserving
Crime Data in Ratemaking
Insurance-Linked Securities(ILS) Market Reaction to Losses in 2017
Intro to Profit and Contingency Loading in Ratemaking

Lights! Camera! Professionalism!
Professionalism 2
ASOP on Estimating Future Costs for Prospective Property/Casualty Risk Transfer and Risk Funding
Predictive Modeling — A Regulator's Perspective
Professionalism and Predictive Modeling
Ask A Regulator
Price Optimization
Professionalism and the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle /p>