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CASACT - Reinsurance Research Committee Announces 1999 Call for Papers

Reinsurance Research Committee Announces
1999 Call for Papers
June 29, 1998

The Casualty Actuarial Society in conjunction with Casualty Actuaries in Reinsurance (CARe) is extending a call for discussion papers on Reinsurance topics. A $1,000 prize will be awarded for the best submission.

Authors of accepted papers will be asked to present their papers at workshops scheduled during the June 6-8, 1999 Reinsurance Seminar in Baltimore at the Marriott Inner Harbor Hotel. CAS members and non-members are invited to submit proposals.

The Committee on Reinsurance Research is seeking papers on capital allocation techniques which reflect the impact of ceded and/or assumed reinsurance. Insurers and reinsurers often allocate capital to contracts or books of business using many different risk measures as the basis for making those allocations. Examples of such risk measures include variance, standard deviation, and probability of ruin.

Possible areas the papers could address include but are not limited to:

  • How the risk measure is impacted by ceded and/or assumed reinsurance;
  • How correlation is reflected;
  • How long capital is allocated for and how it is released over time;
  • Cost of the allocated capital;
  • Alternative forms of capital;
  • The impact on pricing decisions;
  • The creation and consumption of underwriting capacity;
  • Order dependency;
  • Performance comparisons between various risk measures.

Call Paper Administration

Timely submission of the discussion papers is critical and the following procedures will apply:

  1. By September 18, 1998, authors should submit proposals that include a title and short description to:

Casualty Actuarial Society

1100 N. Glebe Road, Suite 600

Arlington, VA 22201

Attn: Committee on Reinsurance Research

  1. By October 16, 1998, the Committee will make a decision on the proposals. A limited number of proposals will be accepted. The Committee will contact the authors regarding their proposals.
  2. A committee member will be assigned to work with each author and will monitor the author’s progress. Interim drafts, based on a schedule proposed by the author, may be requested.
  3. By February 1, 1999, a first draft is required for committee member review and comments. These comments will be sent to the authors by Friday, February 26, 1999.
  4. By April 1, 1999, the completed paper of no more than 10,000 words and a 200-word abstract must be received by the Committee.
  5. Each paper will be screened by the Committee. Occasionally, an initially accepted proposal may result in a paper that does not meet the minimum standards established by the Committee (either due to relevance of material or quality of exposition). Therefore, some amount of rewriting may be required by the Committee or the paper may not be included.
  6. Accepted papers will be printed, bound, and distributed in an issue of the CAS Forum in advance of the 1999 Reinsurance Seminar.
  7. Authors will be asked to present their accepted papers at the 1999 Reinsurance Seminar and will be contacted in advance of the seminar regarding the nature of their presentation.
  8. A prize, in the amount of $1,000, will be awarded to the best paper submitted in response to the call and will be presented to the author at the 1999 Reinsurance Seminar. The best paper will be selected by a review committee which will review submissions anonymously. The criteria for evaluation will include:
  • Originality of ideas
  • Understanding of complex concepts
  • Contribution to literature
  • Thoroughness of ideas expressed
  • Quality of writing
  1. Please note that papers should be prepared in accordance with the procedures outlined in the front of the Summer 1998 CAS Forum. Additional guidance for the preparation of technical papers for publication is provided in the CAS "Guides for the Submission of Papers" in the 1998 CAS Yearbook. It is hoped that authors will also submit their papers for publication in the CAS Proceedings in accordance with procedures shown in the 1998 CAS Yearbook. However, acceptance of a paper for this call does not guarantee its publication in the Proceedings.

The Committee on Reinsurance Research thanks you for your attention to this call for papers. Your participation in this effort will help produce papers which contribute to the written body of knowledge for the CAS and to the success of the 1999 Reinsurance Call Paper Program.

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