Casualty Actuarial Society


Committee on Online Services
Call for Contributions to the CAS Web Site

The CAS Committee on Online Services is pleased to extend a call for contributions to the CAS Web Site. The purposes of the call are to: 1) Promote the use of Internet-based technology in the actuarial profession; 2) Encourage the CAS membership to be actively involved in the CAS Web Site; and 3) Establish the CAS Web Site as a primary forum for the sharing of actuarial related news, ideas, and products among CAS members.

A prize fund of $2,000 is available for the best contribution(s). The winner(s) will be announced during the 2001 CAS Spring Meeting in Miami, Florida, during May 6-9, 2001.

The Committee is seeking contributions that use Internet-based technology to deliver information that is related to the actuarial field and useful to actuaries. Examples of such contributions range from online searchable databases to simple HTML documents that use the special features of the Web to provide additional value. In addition, contributions that improve current CAS Web Site features are welcome.

If there are no contributions of sufficient quality, no prize will be awarded. Nothing should be submitted that is of a proprietary nature, or which violates antitrust regulations. CAS members and non-members are invited to participate. Contributions should be submitted in a format that can be accessed through the CAS Web Site. Any contributions may, at the committee’s discretion, be made available through the Web Site.

Program Timetable

  1. Deadline for Proposals
    By August 16, 2000, contributors should submit proposals including the title and a short abstract describing the content and function of the Web site contribution. Proposals should be submitted by e-mail to the attention of the Committee on Online Services at
  2. Acceptance of Proposals
    By September 6, 2000, a subcommittee of the Committee on Online Services will have made a decision on all proposals. The Committee will contact contributors regarding their proposals.
  3. Completion Date
    By March 14, 2001, the completed contribution must be received by the Committee.
  4. Prize Competition
    All contributions submitted in response to the call will be included in the prize competition. A prize fund of $2,000 is available for the best contribution(s), and if awarded, the prize(s) will be announced and presented at the 2001 CAS Spring Meeting. Contributions will be evaluated by the Committee on Online Services, with whatever outside technical expertise they deem appropriate. The criteria by which the contributions will be judged are creativity (75%) and usability (25%).

The Committee on Online Services looks forward to receiving proposals in response to the call, and is happy to respond to inquiries from interested parties. Questions may be addressed to the attention of the Committee on Online Services at