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OneSource US Insurance: Property and Casualty Insurance Data

This page provides details concerning insurance database services available from OneSource.

More detailed information about the OneSource US Insurance: Property and Casualty products, including software demos, can be obtained from their world wide web site.  The address for OneSource's home page on the World Wide Web is

Details on the OneSource Database

1. Definition

OneSource Information Services (OIS) offers more than 50 electronic business information titles that respond to market demands for products that combine high quality information with state-of-the-art access and manipulation software.

In the case of the OneSource US Insurance: Property and Casualty products, OIS delivers 5 annual statement information titles that include the company financials, (including the IEEs), the page 14 State and LOB information, and the full details of Schedules P, F and D. The source of the information is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) with whom OIS has a long term redistribution agreement.

2. How long a time series is available?

Most of the financial information is presented in an integrated 5 year historical series. The Schedule P, F and D products are current year only.

3. Cost and feasibility of obtaining

OneSource does not publish a price list to the public, but their products are delivered on a flat price annual subscription basis that varies with number of databases accessed and number of user groups. While the data are delivered on CD/ROM, OneSource "products" include customer-specific training and intensive support services. The products are Windows-based and can be run on i486 or higher PCs with configurations for stand alone computers or local area networks (LANs).

The first delivery of the annual financial information, including Schedule P, occurs at the end of March for the previous year's data.   OIS refreshes the database around April 15th and around the 15th of each month there after. New information continues to flow in during the spring and early summer in consonance with the deadlines for the various filings, i.e. Combined Filings for groups, quarterly filings, etc. Schedules D and F are initially released around the 20th of April and updated two additional times in the summer and fall.

4. Legal considerations: who owns and confidentiality

Subscribers must sign and adhere to the provisions of OneSource's product license agreement. Like other software license agreements, this document requires the subscriber to acknowledge that the product is a copyrighted work, and that the data is the property of the data vendor. The agreement spells out how the product can be installed & used, what the subscriber's redistribution rights and restrictions are, and addresses the issue of indemnity.

5. Available by company or by larger groupings?

The financials and Schedule P are available for both individual companies and for the "combined" NAIC filing groups. Users can manipulate the datadase using 10,000+ different criteria to form additional groupings for peer group analysis or benchmarking.

6. Other relevant information

The products can be directly accessed from either Lotus 1-2-3 or Microsoft Excel by using the OneSource Add-in. This feature empowers the spreadsheet user who wants to develop proprietary analytical and graphical models. The needed information is tagged using controls in the add-in software and it then flows automatically into the spreadsheet from the CD/ROM.

OneSource's Schedule D holdings database includes the complete securities portfolio of every holding of every company. The holdings data can be manipulated to develop groupings based types, classes and quality, as well as many other criteria.