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Dynamic Financial Analysis Handbook, Release 1.0
Prepared by the CAS Subcommittee on the DFA Handbook
September, 1995

The purpose of the Dynamic Financial Analysis Handbook is to provide suggestions and guidance to actuaries performing DFA studies. The Handbook provides a list of considerations for actuaries to refer to when performing DFA. The Handbook is not exhaustive, but is intended to be revised and edited regularly as knowledge of DFA evolves.

The Handbook is divided into six sections that provide guidance in particular facets of DFA. These sections are:

  • Pricing/Business Planning
  • Reserve Considerations
  • Mass Tort Exposure
  • Reinsurance Considerations
  • Invested Assets
  • Other Assets and Liabilities
Each section contains a commentary focusing the topic, and an outline that can serve as a checklist for the actuary conducting DFA.

This Handbook was printed in the CAS Forum, Winter 1996 Edition. Click here to download the Handbook.

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Members of the Subcommittee on the DFA Handbook
Susan T. Szkoda, Chairperson
Frederick F. Cripe
Roger M. Hayne
Kathleen M. Hollar
Jeffrey P. Kadison
Stephen J. Ludwig
Liam M. McFarlane
Stephen T. Morgan
Richard W. Nichols

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