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1999 Proceedings

Volume LXXXVI, Numbers 164 & 165 / 1999

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Contents of LXXXVI (47K)

Papers Presented At May 1999 Meeting

Discussion of Papers Presented in Volumes LXXX And LXXXIV

Address to New Members -May 17, 1999 (36KB)
M. Stanley Hughey

Minutes of the May 1999 Meeting (71KB)

Papers Presented at the November 1999 Meeting

Discussion of Papers Presented in Volume LXXXIII

Address to New Members -November 15, 1999 (44KB)
LeRoy J. Simon

Presidential Address - November 15, 1999 (71KB)
Steven G. Lehmann

Minutes of the November 1999 Meeting (76KB)

Report of the Vice President -Administration (58KB)

Financial Report (24KB)

1999 Examinations - Successful Candidates (112KB)

Obituaries (77KB)
John R. Bevan
Martin Bondy
John H. Boyajian
J. Edward Faust Jr.
Robert L. Hurley
Paul Liscord Jr.
Daniel J. Lyons
Phillipp K. Stern

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