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Volume LXXXII, Numbers 156 & 157 / 1995

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Contents of Volume LXXXII

Address to New Members-May 15, 1995
    David G. Hartman

Minutes of the May 1995 Meeting

Papers Presented at the November 1995 Meeting

Balancing Transaction Costs and Risk Load in Risk Sharing Arrangement
    Clive L. Keatinge

Discussion of Paper Published in Volume LXXIV

A Note on the Gap Between Target and Expected Underwriting Profit Margins
    Emilio C. Venezian (November 1987)
     Discussion by William R. Gillam

Discussion of Paper Published in Volume LXXIV
Unbiased Loss Development Factors
    Daniel M. Murphy (November 1994)
    Discussion By Daniel F. Gogol, Ph.D.Discussion of Paper Published in Volume LXXVII
Risk Loads for Insurers
    Sholom Feldblum (November 1990)
    Discussion By Stephen W. Philbrick (May 1991)
    Author's Reply to Discussion (November 1993)
    Discussion by: Todd R. Bault
    Author's Reply to DiscussionDiscussion of Paper Published in Volume LXXII

A Simulation Test of Prediction Errors of Loss Reserve Estimation Techniques
    James N. Stanard (May 1985)
     Discussion by Edward F. Peck

Errata for 1995 Proceedings

    This errata replaces page 105 of the above paper.
    The corrected version of the paper appears above and includes the new page 105.

Address to New Members-November 13, 1995
    Michael A. Walters

Presidential Address—November 13, 1995
    Allan M. Kaufman

Minutes of the November 1995 Meeting

Report of the Vice President—Administration

Financial Report

1995 Examinations—Successful Candidates


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