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Volume LXXX, Numbers 152 and 153 / 1993

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Table of Contents

Papers Presented at the May 1993 Meeting

Empirical Testing of Classification Relatives
    Roger M. Hayne

Injured Worker Mortality
    William R. Gillam

Surplus—Concepts, Measures of Return, and Determination
    Russell E. Bingham

Rate of Return—Policyholder, Company, and Shareholder Perspectives
    Russell E. Bingham Discussion of Paper Published in Volume LXXIX

Parametrizing the Workers' Compensation Experience Rating Plan
    William R. Gillam (May 1992)
    Discussion by Howard C. Mahler Address to New Members-May 10, 1993
    Phillip N. Ben-Zvi

Luncheon Address—May 10, 1993
    "Can We Become a Global Profession?"
    John H. Harding

Keynote Address—May 10, 1993
    Governor Richard Lamm (D-CO)

Minutes of the May 1993 Meeting

Papers Presented at the November 1993 Meeting

Asset/Liability Matching (Five Moments)
    Robert K. Bender

Minimum Distance Estimation of Loss Distributions
    Stuart A. Klugman, A Rahulji Parsa

Estimating Salvage and Subrogation Reserves—Adapting the Bornhuetter-Ferguson Approach
    Gregory S. Grace

Merit Rating for Doctor Professional Liability Insurance
    Robert J. Finger
Discussion of Paper Published in Volume LXI

The California Table L
    Dave Skurnick (November 1974)
    Discussion by: William R. Gillam Discussion of Paper Published in Volume LXXVII

Risk Loads for Insurers
    Sholom Feldblum (November 1990)
    Discussion by Stephen W. Philbrick (May 1991)
    Author's Reply Discussion of Papers Published in Volume LXXVIII

An Exposure Rating Approach to Pricing Property Excess-of-Loss Reinsurance
    Stephen J. Ludwig (November 1991)
    Discussion by: Sholom Feldblum

The Competitive Market Equilibrium Risk Load Formula for Increased Limits Ratemaking
    Glen G. Meyers (November 1991)
    Discussion by Ira Robbin, Ph.D. (May 1992)
    Author's Reply

Address to New Members—November 15, 1993
    "Guardians of Greed or Angels of Cooperation"
    C.K. "Stan" Khury

Presidential Address—November 15, 1993
    "The Challenge of Change"
    David P. Flynn

Minutes of the November 1993 Meeting

Report of the Vice President—Administration

Financial Report

1993 Examinations—Successful Candidates


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