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Volume LXXVII, Numbers 146 & 147 / 1990

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Contents of Volume LXXVII

Papers Presented at the May 1990 Meeting

Evaluating the Effect of Reinsurance Contract Terms
    James N. Stanard and Russell T. John

Discussion of Paper Published In Volume LXXIV

A Note on the Gap Between Target and Expected Underwriting Profit Margins
    Emilio C. Venezian (November 1978)
    Discussion by Sholom Feldblum Address to New Members—May 1990
    Steven H. Newman

Minutes of the May 1990 Meeting

Papers Presented at the November 1990 Meeting

Pricing the Impact of Adjustable Features and Loss Sharing Provisions of Reinsurance Treaties
    Robert A. Bear and Kenneth J. Nemlick

Discounted Return-Measuring Profitability and Setting Targets
    Russ Bingham

Risk Loads for Insurers
    Sholom Feldblum

Reinsurer Risk Loads from Marginal Surplus Requirements
    Rodney E. Kreps

On the Representation of Loss and Indemnity Distributions
    Yoong-Sin Lee

An Example of Credibility and Shifting Risk Parameters
    Howard C. Mahler

The Distribution of Automobile Accidents-Are Relativities Stable Over Time?
    Emilio C. Venezian Discussion of Paper Published in Volume LXXV

Minimum Bias with Generalized Linear Models
    Robert L. Brown (November 1988)
    Discussion by: Gary G. Venter

Address to New Members—November 1990
    Frederick W. Kilbourne

Presidential Address—November 1990
    "The Seven Deadly Sins"
    Michael Fusco

Minutes of the November 1990 Meeting

Report of the Vice President—Administration

Financial Report

1990 Examinations—Successful Candidates


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