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Volume LXXVI, Number 145 / 1989

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Contents of Volume LXXVI

Papers Presented at the May 1989 Meeting

Exposure Bases Revisited
    Amy S. Bouska

The Aging Phenonmenon and Insurance Prices
    Stephen P. D'Arcy and Neil A. Doherty

On Becoming An Actuary of the Third Kind
    Stephen P. D'Arcy

Application of Collective Risk Theory to Estimate Variability in Loss Reserves
    Roger M. Hayne

Determination of Outstanding Liabilities for Unallocated Loss Adjustment Expenses
    Wendy Johnson

The Effect of Trend on Excess of Loss Coverages
    Clive L. Keatinge

An Analysis of the Capital Structure of an Insurance Company
    Glenn Meyers

Risk Theoretic Issues in Loss Reserving: The Case of Workers Compensation Pension Reserves
    Glenn Meyers Discussion of Paper Published In Volume LXXV

Recent Developments in Reserving for Losses in the London Reinsurance Market
    Harold E. Clarke (May, 1988)
    Discussion by: John C. Narvell Reprint of Paper Published in Volume XXVI

The First Twenty-Five Years
    Francis S. Perryman Reprint of Paper Publisher in Volume LI

The First Fifty Years
    Dudley M. Pruitt Diamond Jubilee Address

The First Seventy-Five Years
    M. Stanley Hughey

Address to New Members—November 1989
    P. Adger Williams

Presidential Address—November 1989
    Kevin M. Ryan

Minutes of the November 1989 Meeting

Report of the Vice President—Administration

Financial Report

1989 Examinations—Successful Candidates


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