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Volume LXX, Number 133 & 134 / 1983

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Contents of Volume LXX

Papers Presented at the May 1983 Meeting

Loss Reserving for Solvency
    David A. Arata

The Calculation of Aggregate Loss Distribution from Claim Severity and Claim Count Distributions
    Philip E. Heckman and Glenn G. Meyers
    Discussion by: Gary G. Venter

The Pricing of Medi Gap Coverage
    Emil J. Strug

Parameter Uncertainty in the Collective Risk Model
    Glenn G. Meyers and Nathaniel Schenker

Utility with Decreasing Risk Aversion
    Gary G. Venter

Transformed Beta and Gamma Distributions and Aggregate Losses
    Gary G. Venter

Discussions of Papers Published in Volume LXVIII

Good and Bad Drivers—A Markov Model of Accident Proneness
    Emilio Venezian (May 1981)
    Discussion by: Sanford R. Squires

Actuarial Valuation of Property/Casualty Insurance Companies
    Robert Sturgis (November 1981)
    Discussion by: Robert Rothman & Robert V. Deutsch
    Author's Reply to Discussion

Discussion of Papers Published in Volume LXIX

A Note on Loss Distributions
    J. Gary LaRose (May, 1982)
    Discussion by: Charles C. Hewitt, Jr.

Estimating Probable Maximum Loss with Order Statistics
    Margaret E. Wilkinson (November 1982)
    Discussion by: John S. McGuinness
    Discussion by: Albert J. Beer
    Author's Reply to Discussion

Keynote Address—May 16, 1983
"An Information Strategy for Insurance"
    Douglas M. Sweeny

Minutes of the May 1983 Meeting

Presidential Address—November 8, 1983
"Social Insurance and the Casualty Actuary"
    Frederick W. Kilbourne

Papers Presented at the November 1983 Meeting

Reinsuring the Captive/Specialty Company
    Lee R. Steeneck

    Ronald E. Ferguson

Luncheon Address—November 7, 1983
"Insurance Regulation in Canada and the Role of Casualty Actuary"
    Robert M. Hammond

Minutes of the November 1983 Meeting

Report of the Secretary

Report of the Treasurer

Financial Report

1983 Examinations—Successful Candidates


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