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Volume LXVIII, Numbers 129 & 130 / 1981

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Contents of Volume LXVIII

Papers Presented at the May 1981 Meeting

Risk Classification Standards
    Michael A. Walters
    Discussion by: Michael J. Miller

Computer Simulation and the Actuary: A Study in Realizable Potential
    David A. Arata

Good and Bad Drivers—A Markov Model of Accident Proneness
    Emilio Venezian
    Discussion by: Dale Nelson

Discussion Paper Program

"Inflation Implications for Property/Casualty Insurance"
    Summary of Discussion Papers
    Richard E. Munro

Discussion of Papers Publisher in Volume LXIII

A Note on Basic Limits Trend Factors
    Robert J. Finger (November 1976)
    Discussion by: John P. Robertson

Discussion of Papers Published in Volume LXVII

Estimating Casualty Insurance Loss Amount Distributions
    Gary Patrik (November 1980)
    Discussion by: Stephen W. Philbrick and Jerome Jurschak

A Method for Setting Retro Reserves
    Charles H. Berry (November 1980)
    Discussion: Roy K. Morell

Implications of Sales as an Exposure Base for Products Liability
    Stephen W. Philbrink (November 1980)
    Discussion: Albert J. Beer

An Analysis of Retrospective Rating
    Glenn G. Meyers (November 1980)
    Discussion: Mark E. Fiebrink

Minutes of the May 1981 Meeting

Presidential Address—November 24, 1981
"Preserving Our Heritage"
    Jerome A. Schiebl

Papers Presented at the November 1981 Meeting

Actuarial Valuation of Property Insurance Companies
    Robert W. Sturgis

Credibility-Weighted Trend Factors
    Oakley E. Van Slyke

RLS Yardsticks to Identify Financial Weakness
    Ruth W. Salzman

An Examination of Credibility Concepts
    Stephen W. Philbrick

Minutes of the November 1981 Meeting

Report of the Secretary

Report of the Treasurer

Financial Report

1981 Examinations—Successful Candidates


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