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Volume LXIV, Numbers 121 & 122 / 1977

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Contents of Volume LXIV

Papers Presented at the May 1977 Meeting

An Algorithm for Premium Adjustment with Scarce Data
    Ronald F. Wiser

On the Theory of Increased Limits and Excess of Loss Pricing
    Robert S. Miccolis
    Discussion by: Sheldon Rosenberg (November 1977)

Use of National Experience Indications in Workers' Compensation Insurance Classification Ratemaking
    Frank Harwayne
    Discussion by: James F. Golz (November 1977)
    Discussion by: Les Dropkin (November 1977)

Discussion of Papers Published in Volume LXIII

Accident Limitations for Retrospective Rating
    Frank Harwayne (May 1976)
    Discussion by: David R. Bradley
    Discussion by: Frank Taylor and Francis Lattanzio

A Refined Model for Premium Adjustment
    George Davis and David Miller (November 1976)
    Discussion by: Frank Karlinski

Minutes of the May 1977 Meeting

Presidential Address—November 22, 1977
"Professionals' Progress"
    George D. Morison

Papers Presented at the November 1977 Meeting

Loss Reserve Adequacy Testing: A Comprehensive, Systematic Approach
    James R. Berquist and Richard E. Sherman

Minutes of the November 1977 Meeting

Report of the Secretary

Report of the Treasurer

Financial Report

1977 Examinations—Successful Candidates


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