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Contents of LVIII

Papers Presented at the May 1971 Meeting

Federal Income Taxes by Raymond W. Beckman
Discussion by M. Stanley Hughey (November 1971)
Discussion by James W. MacGinnitie (November) 1971
Discussion by Jerome A. Scheibl (November 1971)

Discussions of Paper Published in Volume LVII

Credibility for Severity by Charles C. Hewitt, Jr. (November 1970)
Discussion by Hans U. Gerber (May 1971)
Discussion by Hans Buhlmann (November 1971)

Address - May 18, 1971

Department of Transportation Views on Automobile Insurance Reform
Charles D. Baker

Minutes of May 1971 Meeting

Presdidential Address - November 15, 1971

A Look Ahead
Richard L. Johe

Paper Presented at the November 1971 Meeting

Actuarial Note on Workmen's Compensation Loss Reserves
Ronald E. Ferguson

Reprints of Papers From Previous Proceedings

Notes on Exposure and Premium Bases
Paul Dorweiler (Vol. XVI, 319-343)

Incurred but not Reported Claim Reserves
Thomas F. Tarbell (Vol. XX, 275-280)

A Survey of Risk Credibility in Experience Rating
Paul Dorweiler (Vol. XXI, 1-25)

Deductible and Excess Coverages, Liability and Property Damage Lines, Other than Automobile
James M. Cahill (Vol. XXIII, 18-45)

Experience Rating Plan Credibilities
Francis S. Perryman (Vol. XXIV, 60-125)

Minutes of the November 1971 Meeting

Report of the Secretary-Treasurer

Financial Report

1971 Examinations - Successful Candidates


Index to Volume LVIII

Volume LVIII, Numbers 109 & 110 / 1971

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