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Volume LVII, Numbers 107 & 108 / 1970

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Contents of Volume LVII

Papers Presented at the May 1970 Meeting

Trend and Loss Development Factors
    Charles F. Cook
    Discussion by: Paul J. Scheel (November 1970)
    Discussion by: Robert W. Sturgis (November 1970)
    Discussion by: Dunbar R. Uhthoff (November 1970)
    Discussion by: Mavis A. Walters (November 1970)

A Schochastic Approach to Automobile Compensation
    Donald C. Weber
    Discussion by Lester B. Dropkin (November 1970)

Distortion in IBNR Factors
    Leroy J. Simon
    Discussion by: Charles F. Cook (November 1970)

Discussions of Paper Published in Volume LV

An Actuarial Note on Actuarial Notation
    Jeffrey T. Lange (November 1968)
    Discussion by: Lewis H. Roberts (May 1970)

Discussions of Papers Published in Volume LVI

A Review of the Little Report of Rates of Return in the Property Liability Insurance Industry
    Robert A. Bailey (November 1969)
    Discussion by: Russell P. Goddard (May 1970)
    Discussion by: Russell P. Goddard (May 1970)
    Discussion by: J. Robert Ferrari (May 1970)

The Interpretation of Liability Increased Limits Statistics
    Jeffrey T. Lange (November 1969)
    Discussion by: Thomas W. Fowler (May 1970)
    Discussion by: J. Robert Hunter, Jr. (November 1970)

Is "Probable Maximum Loss" (PML) a Useful Concept?
    John S. McGuinness (May 1969)
    Author's Review of Discussions of November 1969

Panel Discussion: Open Competition—Four Points of View

Moderator's Remarks
    Gerald R. Hartman

The Regulator
    Kevin M. Ryan

The Company Actuary and the Bureau Actuary
    Steven H. Newman

The Consultant
    Lewis H. Roberts

The Consumer and the Educator
    C. Arthur Williams, Jr.

Minutes of the May 1970 Meeting

Presidential Address—November 17, 1970
    Daniel J. McNamara

Papers Presented at the November 1970 Meeting

Credibility for Severity
    Charles C. Hewitt

Luncheon Address—November 16, 1970
"The Actuarial Profession"
    David G. Scott

Panel Discussion: Examinations—Should They Be the Only Way to Society Membership?

Introductory Remarks
    H. Raymond Strong

Background of the Problem
    Charles B.H. Watson

The Alternate Route—An Increased Role for Universities in Actuarial Education
    The Case For
    James C. Hickman
    The Case Against
    Stephen G. Kellison

Minutes of the November 1970 Meeting

Report of the Secretary-Treasurer

Financial Report

1970 Examinations—Successful Candidates

Photographs of New Members of the Society

Book Notes
Mathematical Methods in Risk Theory
Hans Buhlmann, reviewed by James C. Hickman

Risk Theory
R.E. Beard, T. Pentikinen, and E. Pesonen, reviewed by James C. Hickman

Stochastic Theory of a Risk Business
Hilary L. Seal, reviewed by Charles A. Hachmeister

Investment Return, Cash Flow and Loss Reserves
Robert Clinton, reviewed by Phillip N. Ben-Zvi

Automobile and Casualty Insurance Ratemaking in Canada
J.B. M. Murray, received by William S. Gillam

Automobile Insurance and Compensation Study-U.S. Department of Transportation—Reviews of Four Reports:

Public Attitudes toward Auto Insurance, reviewed by Dale A. Nelson
Economic Consequences of Automobile Accident Injuries, reviewed by Jeffrey T. Lange
Price Variability in the Automobile Insurance Market, reviewed by Robert A. Bailey
Quantitative Models for Automobile Accidents and Insurance, reviewed by Philip O. Presely


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