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Volume LVI, Numbers 105 & 106 / 1969

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Contents of Volume LVI

Papers Presented at the May 1969 Meeting

Insurance Investment Regulation
    Robert A. Bailey
    Discussion by: S.C. DuRose (May 1969)
    Discussion by: Clyde H. Graves (May 1969)
    Discussion by: Robert G. Espie (May 1969)

Is "Probable Maximum Loss" (PML) a Useful Concept?
    John S. McGuinness
    Discussion by: Robert L. Hurley (November 1969)
    Discussion by: Edward B. Black (November 1969)

Discussions of Papers Published in Volume LV

The Capital Investment Market and the Insurance Industry
    R.J. Balcarek (November 1968)
    Discussion by: J. Robert Ferrari
    Discussion by: W. James MacGinnitie
    Author's Review of Discussions

The Relationship of Underwriting, Investments, Leverage, and Exposure to Total Return on Owner's Equity
    J. Robert Ferrari (November 1968)
    Discussion by: R.J. Balcarek
    Discussion by: Robert A. Bailey

On the Credibility of the Pure Premium
    Allen L. Mayerson, Donald A. Jones, Newton L. Bowers, Jr. (November 1968)
    Discussion by: Jeffrey T. Lange
    Discussion by: John S. McGuinness
    Discussion by: Kenneth L. McIntosh
    Discussion by: Dale A. Nelson
    Discussion by: LeRoy J. Simon
    Discussion by: Charles E. Hewitt, Jr.

Elements of Time-Series Analysis in Liability and Property Insurance Ratemaking
    John S. McGuinness (November 1968)
    Discussion by: Lewis H. Roberts
    Discussion by: Michael A. Walters
    Author's Review of Discussions

An Actuarial Note on Actuarial Notation
    Jeffrey T. Lange
    Discussion by: John C. Wooddy
    Discussion by: R. Gustave Oien

A Review of Nuclear Energy Insurance
    Richard D. McClure
    Discussion by: Burrell C. Lawton
    Author's Review of Discussion

Funding Theories of Social Insurance
    James C. Hickman
    Discussion by: Paul E. Singer
    Discussion by: Robert J. Myers
    Author's Review of Discussions

Minutes of the May 1969 Meeting

Presidential Address—November 17, 1969
"Food for Thought"
    William J. Hazam

Papers Presented at the November 1969 Meeting

A Review of the Little Report on Rates of Return in the Property and Liability Insurance Industry
    Robert A. Bailey
    Discussion by: Irving H. Plotkin
    Author's Review of Discussions

The Interpretation of Liability Increased Limits Statistic
    Jeffrey T. Lange

Economic Factors in Liability and Property Insurance Claims Costs (Supplement)
    Norton E. Masterson

Minutes of the November 1969 Meeting

Report of the Secretary-Treasurer

Financial Report

1969 Examinations—Successful Candidates


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