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Volume LV, Numbers 103 & 104 / 1968

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Contents of Volume LV

Papers Presented at the May 1968 Meeting

Rate Regulation and the Casualty Actuary—Revisted
Gerald R. Hartman and Jeffrey T. Lange
    Discussion by: Harry T. Byrne (November 1968)

Economic Factors in Liability and Property Insurance Claim Costs, 1935-1967
Norton E. Masterson
    Discussion by: Edward M. Smith (November 1968)
    Discussion by: Richard D. McClure (November 1968)
    Discussion by: John F. O'Leary, Jr. (November 1968)
    Discussion by: and Jeffrey T. Lange (November 1968)
    Author's Review of Discussions

Total earnings from Insurance Operations—The Investor's Viewpoint
Russell P. Goddard
    Discussion by: James J. Meenaghan (November 1968)
    Discussion by: Frank Harwayne (November 1968)
    Author's Review of Discussions

Discussion of Papers Published in Volume LIV

The Minimum Absolute Deviation Trend Line
Charles F. Cook (November 1967)
    Discussion by: David P. Flynn
    Discussion by: Kenneth L. McIntosh

A Discipline for the Avoidance of Unnecessary Assumptions
Lewis H. Roberts (November 1967)
    Discussion by: Robert L. Hurley

Notes of Whittaker-Henderson Formula A
Nels M. Valerius (November 1967)
    Discussion by Dale A. Nelson
    Discussion by Richard H. Snader
    Author's Review of Discussions

Minutes of the May 1968 Meeting

Presidential Address—November 18, 1968
"The Ecology of an Actuary"
Harold W. Schloss

Papers Presented at the November 1968 Meeting

The Credibility of the Pure Premium
Allen L. Mayerson, Donald A. Jones, Newton L. Bowers, Jr. (November 1968)

The Capital Investments Market and the Insurance Industry
R.J. Balcerak

An Actuarial Note on Actuarial Notation
Jeffrey T. Lange

Elements of Time-Series Analysis in Liability and Property Insurance Ratemaking
John S. McGuinness

A Review of Nuclear Energy Insurance
Richard D. McClure

The Relationship of Underwriting, Investments, Leverage, and Exposure to Total Return on Owners' Equity
J. Robert Ferrari

Funding Theories of Social Insurance
James C. Hickman

Minutes of the November 1968 Meeting

Report of the Secretary-Treasurer

Financial Report

1968 Examinations—Successful Candidates

Book Notes

Insured Dental Care
Helen Hershfield and Mata Kouvari Nikias, reviewed by Allen L. Mayerson


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