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Volume LIV, Numbers 101 & 102 / 1967

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Contents of Volume LIV

Papers Presented at the May 1967 Meeting

Underwriting Profit from Investments
Robert A. Bailey
Discussion by Alan C. Curry (November 1967)
Discussion by Richard L. Johe (November 1967)
Discussion by W. James MacGinnitie (November 1967)
Discussion by Allen L. Mayerson (November 1967)
Discussion by Nicholas F. Miller, Jr.(November 1967)
Discussion by Ruth E. Salzmann (November 1967)
Author's Review of Discussions

A Theoretical Portfolio Selection Approach for Insuring Property and Liability Lines
J. Robert Ferrari

Discussion by Martin Bondy (November 1967)
Discussion by R.A. Rennie (November 1967)
Discussion by Matthew Rodermund (November 1967)
Discussion by LeRoy J. Simon (November 1967)
Author's Review of Discussions

Loss Ratio Distributions-A Model
Charles C. Hewitt, Jr.

Discussion by Charles A. Hachemeister (November 1967)

Inverse Liability Automobile Accident Insurance
James B. M. Murray

Discussion by Jerry A. Hillhouse (November 1967)
Discussion by Jack Moseley (November 1967)
Author's Review of Discussions

Schedule P on a Calendar/Accident Year Basis
Ruth E. Salzmann

Discussion by Francis J. Hope (November 1967)
Discussion by Paul M. Otteson (November 1967)

Discussion of Papers Published in Volume LIII

Current Ratemaking Procedures in Boiler and Machinery Insurance
James F. Brannigan (November 1966)
Discussion by Ernet T. Berkeley

Implications of Sampling Theory for Package Policy Ratemaking
Jeffrey T. Lange (November 1966)

Discussion by Clyde H. Graves
Discussion by Dale A. Nelson
Discussion by Charles F. Cook Author's Review of Discussions

Underwriting Profit in Fire Bureau Rates
Laurence H. Longley-Cook (November 1966)

Discussion by Stanley C. DuRose
Discussion by Luther L. Tarbell, Jr.
Author's Review of Discussions

Burglary Insurance Ratemaking
Steven H. Newmann (November 1966)

Discussion by Martin Bondy
Discussion by R. Gustave Oien
Author's Review of Discussions

Minutes of the May 1967 Meeting

Presidential Address - November 13, 1967

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind
Harold E. Curry

Papers Presented at the November 13, 1967

The Minimum Absolute Deviation Trend Line
Charles F. Cook

A Discipline for the Avoidance of Unnecessary Assumptions
Lewis H. Roberts

Notes on Whittaker-Henderson Formula A
Nels M. Valerius

Luncheon Address - November 13, 1967

Some Reflections on the Expanding Concept
of the Casualty-Property Actuary

Sterling T. Tooker

Minutes of the November 1967 Meeting

Financial Report

1967 Examinations - Successful Candidates

Book Notes

Introduction to Probability and Statistics from a Bayeseian Viewpoint
D. V. Lindley
reviewed by Allen L. Mayerson

Property and Liability Insurance
John H. Magee and Oscar N. Serbein
reviewed by Allen L. Mayerson

The Regulation of Reciprocal Insurance Exchanges
Dennis F. Reinmuth
reviewed by Raj Ratnaswamy

Ratemaking for Homeowners Insurance
Gerald R. Hartman
reviewed by Richard H. Snader


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