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Volume LIII, Numbers 99 & 100 / 1966

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Contents of Volume LIII

Papers Presented at the May 1966 Meeting

Effect of Loss Reserve Margins in Calendar Year Results
    Rafak J. Balcarek
    Discussion by: Laurence H. Longley-Cook (November 1966)

Budgeting—A System for Planning and Controlling Expenses
    Robert B. Foster
    Discussion by: Paul M. Otteson
    Author's Review of Discussion (November 1966)

General Liability Insurance Ratemaking
    Jeffrey T. Lange
    Discussion by: Phillip O. Presley (November 1966
    Discussion by: Stanley C. DuRose, Jr. (November 1966)
    Author's Review of Discussion by Mr. DuRose

1965 Study of Expenses by Size of Risk
    George D. Morison
    Discussion by Frank Harwayne (November 1966)
    Discussion by: Paul A. Verhage (November 1966)

Distribution by Size of Risk—A Model
    Charles C. Hewitt, Jr.
    Discussion by: James R. Berquist
    Discussion by: Robert L. Hurley (November 1966) (66117

Insurance Cost of Automobile Basic Protection Plan in Relation to Automobile Bodily Injury Costs
    Frank Harwayne
    Discussion by: Ernest T. Berkeley
    Discussion by: Donald E. Trudeau
    Discussion by: Richard Wolfrum
    Author's Review of Discussion

Discussions of Papers Published in Volume LII

Reserving for Retrospective Returns
    Walter J. Fitzgibbon, Jr. (November 1965)
    Discussion by: Francis J. Hope
    Discussion by: Dunbar R. Uhthoff

Ratemaking Procedures for Automobile Liability Insurance
    Philipp K. Stern (November 1965)
    Discussion by: Stanley A. Dorf
    Discussion by: James F. Gill

Some Observations Concerning Fire and Casualty Insurance Company Financial Statements
    Paul M. Otteson (November 1965)
    Discussion by: John W. Carleton
    Author's Review of Discussion by Mr. Carleton (November 1966)
    Discussion by: Robert G. Espie
    Author's Review of Discussion by Mr. Espie (November 1966)
    Discussion by: Joseph Linder
    Author's Review of Discussion by Mr. Linder (November 1966)

Panel Discussion—Automobile Compensation Plans

Historical Review
    Paul W. Simmoneau

The Saskatchewan Plan
    Alan C. Curry

Family Compensation Coverage
    Robert W. Griffith

The Basic Protection Plan
    Robert E. Keeton and Jeffrey O'Connell

Minutes of the May 1966 Meeting

Presidential Address—November 19, 1966
    Harold E. Curry

Papers Presented at the November 1966 Meeting

Current Ratemaking Procedures in Boiler and Machinery Insurance
    James F. Brannigan

Implications of Sampling Theory for Packages Policy Ratemaking
    Jeffrey T. Lange

Underwriting Profit in Fire Bureau Rates
    Laurence H. Longley-Cook

Burglary Insurance Ratemaking
    Steven H. Newman

Minutes of the November 1966 Meeting

Report of the Secretary-Treasurer

Financial Report

Book Notes


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