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Volume LII, Numbers 95 & 96 / 1965

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Contents of LII

Papers Presented at the May 1965 Meeting

The 1965 Table M
by LeRoy J. Simon
Discussion by Lester B. Dropkin
Discussion by Charles C. Hewitt, Jr.

A Mathematical Approach to Fire Classification Rates
by Kenneth L. McIntosh

Discussion by Lester B. Dropkin (November 1965)

Discussion of Paper Published in Volume LI

A Bayesian View of Credibility by Allen L. Mayerson (November 1964)
Discussion by Charles C. Hewitt, Jr. (May 1965)

Minutes of the May 1965 Meeting

Presidential Address -- November 16, 1965
Thomas E. Murrin

Papers Presented at the November 1965 Meeting

Ratemaking Procedures for Automobile Liability Insurance
Philipp K. Stern

Reserving for Retrospective Returns
Walter J. Fitzgibbon, Jr.

Some Observations Concerning Fire and Casualty Insurance Company Financial Statements
Paul M. Otteson

Invitational Address -November 15, 1965

Insurance Company Investments
S. Davidson Herron, Jr.


On the Annual Statement
The Committeee on Annual Statement

On the American Academy of Actuaries
L. H. Longley-Cook

Minutes of the November 1965 Meeting

Report of Secretary-Treasurer

Financial Report

Book Notes


1965 Examinations of the Society

Index to Volume LII

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