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Volume LI, Numbers 94 & 95 / 1964

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Contents of Volume LI

Previously Presented Papers

An Approximation for the Testing of Private Passenger Liability Territorial Rate Levels Using Statewide Distribution of Classification Data
James F. Gill (Nov. 1963)
Discussion by Philipp K. Stern (May 1964)
Discussion by David A. Tapley (May 1964)
Discussion by Peter B. Zory (May 1964)

Some Fundamentals of Insurance Statistics
Harry M. Sarason (Nov. 1963)

Discussion by Charles C. Hewitt, Jr. (Nov. 1964)
Author's Review of Discussion

Papers Presented at the May 1964 Meeting A Glance at Group Dental Coverage
James H. Durkin
Discussion by Roger A. Johnson (Nov. 1964)
Discussion by George E. McLean (Nov. 1964)
Minutes of the May 1964 Meeting

Presidential Address-November 20, 1964
Thomas E. Murrin

Papers Presented at the November 1964 Meeting

A Bayesian View of Credibility
Allen L. Mayerson

Estimating the Cost of Accident Insurance as a Part of Automobile Liability Insurance
Herbert E. Wittick

Discussion by Carl L. Wilcken (Nov. 1964)

How to Tell A Pure Actuary From a Lay Actuary
Matthew Rodermund

On Some Essential Properties of a Tariff Class
Edward Franckx

Early Actuarial Studies in the Field of Property and Liability Insurance
Laurence H. Longley-Cook

The First Fifty Years
Dudley M. Pruitt

The Optimal Management Policy of an Insurance Company
Karl H. Borch

Size of Loss Distributions in Workmen's Compensation Insurance
Lester B. Dropkin

Discussion by Roy H. Kallop (Nov. 1964)
Discussion by LeRoy J. Simon (Nov. 1964)

Panel Discussion --- November 1964 Meeting

Motor Insurance in Foreign Countries
Norton E. Masterson, Chairman Hans Ammeter, Robert E. Beard, Karl H. Borch, B. Christoffersen, Edward Franckx, A. Tröbliger


Observations on Casualty Insurance
Rate-Making Theory in The United States

Thomas O. Carlson

Greetings from other Actuarial Organizations

Hans Ammeter - ASTIN and the Swiss Actuarial Society
Robert E. Beard - Institute of Actuaries, England
Karl H. Borch - Norwegian Society of Actuaries
B. Christoffersen - Danish Association of Actuaries
Gilbert W. Fitzhugh - Society of Actuaries
Edward Franckx - Royal Association of Belgian Actuaries
Minutes of the November 1964 Meeting


1964 Examinations of the Society

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