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Volume L, Numbers 93 & 94 / 1963

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Contents of L

Papers Presented at the May 1963 Meeting

Actuarial Note: Fixed and Variable Expenses
Lewis H. Roberts
Discussion by Paul S. Liscord (Oct. 1963)
Discussion by John H. Muetterties (Oct. 1963)

Insurance Rates With Minimum Bias
Robert A. Bailey

Discussion by James R. Berquist (Oct. 1963)
Discussion by Stephen S. Makgill (Oct. 1963)

Rating By Layer of Insurance
Ruth E. Salzmann

Discussion by Robert L. Hurley (Oct. 1963)
Discussion by Robert Pollack (Oct. 1963)

Panel Discussion - May 1963 Meeting

An Analysis of the Adequacy of the Various Factors and Rating Values Used in Retrospective Rating
Chairman, Stephen S. Makgill

Invitational Address - May 21, 1963

Medical Care Insurance - Compulsory or Freedom of Choice? Gilbert W. Fitzhugh

Discussions of Papers Published in Volume XLIX

An Introduction to Credibility Theory by Laurence H. Longley-Cook
Discussion by Arthur L. Bailey (May 1963)

Negative Binomial Rationale by Thomas O. Carlson

Discussion by John W. Carleton (May 1963)
Discussion by Kenneth L. McIntosh
Author's Review (May 1963)

Minutes of the May 1963 Meeting

Presidential Address - October 31, 1963
Laurence H. Longley-Cook

Papers Presented at the October 1963 Meeting

Commercial Package Policies - Rating and Statistics
Robert A. Bailey, Edward J. Hobbs, Frederic J.Hunt, Jr., Ruth E. Salzmann

Comprehensive Medial Insurance - Statistical Analysis for Ratemaking
John R. Bevan

Discussion by Eldon J. Klaassen (Oct. 1963)
Discussion by Allen D. Pinney (Oct. 1963)

Minutes of the October 1963 Meeting

Reviews of Publications


1963 Examinations of the Society

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